$45/Adult. (2 person minimum.) Child/group discount available.

  • Salamander Adventure: (Easy Hike. Kid Friendly. 1 mile total hiking.)

    • Difficulty Rating 1


spotted salamander

Journey to whitetop mountain where you will find multiple rare species of salamanders, some of which are only found on two or three mountain tops in the world. The Appalachian mountain chain has the richest diversity of salamanders of any place in the world. This will be an easy walk through the woods and along the gravel whitetop mountain road searching for these tiny little creatures. Perfect trip for kids who love to turn over rocks and logs in order to find surprises out in the woods. Total time for this hike including transportation would be 3-4 hrs. Snacks, water, and supplies for examining the salamanders provided.

  • Snake and Reptile Adventure: (Easy Hike. Kid Friendly. 1.5 miles total hiking.)

    • Difficulty Rating 2


eastern gartersnake

Do you want to experience the secret life of reptiles in their natural habitat? Join me for an easy walk searching for snakes, turtles, and lizards. Learn how to identify some of the common snakes of SW Virginia and NE Tennessee. Learn how to identify the two venomous species of snakes in our area. This hike will occur either on the VCT or Steele Creek Park according to your choice. This is also a great trip for kids wanting to explore, as we typically also find salamanders, frogs and different insects while searching for snakes. Total time for this hike including transportation will be 3-4 hrs. Snacks and water provided.

  • Wildflowers and Bouldering Hike: (Moderate Hike. Kid Friendly. 2.5 miles total.)

    • Difficulty Rating 2.5


mountain laurel

A 2.5 mile hike on the Rhododendron Gap Trail within Grayson Highlands State Park. This hike offers many chances to view wildflowers, including mountain laurel and rhododendron. It also offers many large rock outcroppings for you to explore and photograph. Typically the end of May and first three weeks of June are the best blooming times. Total time for this hike including transportation will be 4-5 hrs. Snacks, water, and park entrance fee included.

  • Sunset Hike to Flint Mill Gap (Overnight Hike)- (Moderate Hike. 8 miles total hiking.)

    • Difficulty Rating 3


Flint rock at sunset

4 mile hike out to beautiful Flint Rock, incredible view of the sunset over South Holston reservoir. Camp at the rock and hike 4 miles back to the vehicle the next morning . Pick up time would be 6 hours before sunset, return time the next day would be approx. b/w noon-1 PM. Dinner and breakfast provided along with snacks. $200 /person.

Nature Hikes